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About me

I go by Emerald in a lot of places on the internet. I’m a big fan of mecha anime and when I’m not working on a project or building gunpla, I’m usually playing League of Legends with friends.

I am a self taught developer who loves taking on side projects that I usually lack the requisite skills for. Rust has been my go-to language for exactly that kind of project for the past few years. I have also written a few things in Node.js (mostly Discord bots), and am currently in the process of exploring Deno. You can see some of the things I’m proud of over on the projects page.

What first drew me to programming was a desire to make my own Minecraft mods. I watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube, got my Eclipse IDE set up, and made this, a mod which added mineable beans among some other things. Sadly the source for that mod is long gone by now as I wouldn’t discover version control for another few years. After that, I moved on to C#, and even tried wrangling C++ for a bit. Throughout highschool I hacked away on my school-issued netbook, writing everything from a 3D renderer to a chat server and client.

Nowadays, with all of as my disposal, I feel encouraged to explore some of the murkier areas of computing. Compilers and interpreters especially interest me, and I’ve already written one language, and participated in the first lang-jam. As I wrap up a few other things I’m “working” on, I intend to really dive into interpreters and bytecode, and perhaps attempt to write a language someone could actually use.

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